Five Island Recruitment

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A new project built on solid foundations


The Scilly Isles represent a complex and atypical environment. Made up of multiple islands, this archipelago lives according to the seasons and, whilst the winter is calm, during the summer (or even the spring and the autumn) the isles play host to many tourists, activities and all kinds of festivities. These seasonal differences, the island side of the place and the few people who live there continually require tailor-made responses, including in terms of human resources. Providing standardised solutions does not work, as professionals in the isles face multiple and specific local constraints. Therefore, the opening of a recruitment agency, and more broadly of human resources services, has become necessary, so to meet the structural challenges that the Scilly Islands present.


The services offered by our agency are tailored to suit the different measures and functions of each field. The local economic fabric is composed of both small-scale structures (Guest Houses, farms, small shops) and larger organisations (hotel complexes, restaurants, services related to mobility). The service and the approach must therefore be different, as well as the contractual terms. We can answer your various questions on the matter through a discussion in all simplicity and cordiality. Last but not least, our services are of course divided into two major categories. Please refer to our "home page" to choose the one that suits you best (see "I'm looking for a job", "I'm looking for staff").

Local support

Our process cannot be achieved without close contact with the people of the islands as much as with the local traders. The local people are indeed stakeholders, offering rooms, suites and apartments, which can accommodate many seasonal workers. Local traders are, of course, at the heart of our project. Above all, the aim is to evolve as reciprocal partners in order to allow local professional activities to develop with confidence while supporting local tourism in an adequate and measured way. We work in the same direction and this can only be done through communication, understanding and ultimately mutual support.

Win/win approach

When professional partners interact on a limited area, and if we consider a desire for sustainability through their exchanges, this can only be done when there is full satisfaction of all parties. For with proximity comes a rapprochement, in the broad meaning of the term. Here, we all know each other, and when the working day is done, we enjoy spending time with one another in more relaxed settings when possible. In addition, the professional links that stimulate us must be healthy and profitable for everyone. This is the only way to evolve side by side in serenity while aiming for a quality approach and expertise